Automatic Digital Polarimeter

The polarimeter is an instrument used for determining the Optical rotation of substances. In this way, the concentration, content, purity, etc of certain substances can be find out. Therefore, the polarimeter has become one of the most useful instruments in laboratories of sugar industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil refining, foodstuff industry, chemical industry, universities and scientific research field.

  • Touch screen color display Temperature display
  • Faraday magneto-optical modulator Polarizer Polarizing film
  • Digital Polarimeter based on Optical null principle
  • No warm-up time is required when instrument is switched on Measuring multiple scales - specific rotation,


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Pharmaceutical industry :-

Monitoring chemical processes

Purity control and determination of concentrations Characterizations of new synthetic substances Hospitals & Pharmacies

Chemical industry :-

Purity control and determination of concentrations

Analysis of optically-active components (qualitative and quantitative) Determination of changes in the configuration

Monitoring chemical processes

Sugar industry :-

Quality control of original and end product Determination of fructose and glucose

Food industry :-

Determination of concentration Purity control Quality control

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