Inclined Microscope

Inclined Microscope Manufacturers From India

Our Inclined Microscope is engineered with the utmost precision to provide unparalleled clarity and accuracy in your research endeavors. The inclined design ensures a comfortable viewing experience, reducing strain during prolonged use. Our microscope is the perfect companion for detailed analysis at an academic institution, research facility, or medical laboratory. We are reputed as one of the well-known Inclined Microscope Manufacturers from India.


  • Biological Research: Our Inclined Microscope is a cornerstone for studying intricate biological structures with enhanced clarity.

  • Medical Diagnostics: Precise examination of tissue samples and cells for diagnostic purposes, ensuring accurate medical assessments.

  • Educational Insights: Inclined Microscopes are invaluable tools in educational institutions, facilitating detailed classroom demonstrations and student learning.

  • Material Analysis: Perfect for examining the composition and characteristics of materials, aiding in various industrial and scientific applications.

  • Microscopic Photography: Capture high-resolution images of tiny specimens for documentation, research publications, or educational materials.

Key Features of Inclined Microscopes

  • Inclined Viewing Head: Our equipment is inclined at 30 to 45 degrees for a more natural and comfortable viewing position also have binocular and trinocular eyepieces.
  • Optical System: Our product has multiple objective lenses with varying magnifications and wide-field eyepieces to adjust the inter-pupillary distance and diopter settings.
  • Coarse and Fine Focus
  • Mechanical and Clips Stage
  • Illumination: Built-in Light Source and Condenser
  • Iris Diaphragm and Filters

Major Features:

  • Optical Excellence: Our microscope boasts superior optics, delivering crystal-clear images for accurate observations.

  • Ergonomic Design: The inclined angle enhances user comfort, promoting extended usage without compromising on efficiency.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a myriad of applications, including biological research, medical diagnostics, and educational purposes.

Inclined Microscopes Suppliers And Exporters, Based In India

As one of the reputable slide staining machine and Inclined Microscopes suppliers and exporters, based in India, we ensure the highest quality standards in every microscope we produce. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a strong market presence, covering countries such as Ethiopia, Serbia, Syria, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, New Zealand, Ghana, and more. We have successfully extended its reach across borders, catering to the diverse needs of the global scientific community. Our microscopes have made significant contributions to research and education in countries worldwide.

We understand the importance of reliable equipment in your work. We provide unparalleled customer support, ensuring your microscope functions seamlessly throughout its lifespan. Choose Laboid International for a microscope experience like no other.

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