Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Stands at the forefront of innovation, continuously developing and integrating advanced technology into laboratory equipment.

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Each laboratory equipment undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to stringent ISO and CE certifications, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance.

Global Impact

Global Impact

Our reach extends beyond borders, making our high-quality laboratory equipment accessible to research centers, medical facilities, and educational institutions worldwide.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters
Welcome to Laboid International

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters

Laboid International is a well-known entity committed to manufacturing diverse solutions that make distilled water accessible to medical industries, laboratories, research centre and more. Our complete range is professionally designed and manufactured by a team of experts, using state-of-the-art technology. Our company is now counted among the best Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers in India.

We have designed different types of units considering the different requirements of different industries. Our Blood Bank Instruments Lab Shaker, Laboratory Centrifuge and Dry Bath Incubator are known for their user-friendly interface, simple installation, rich design and durable and dependable working. We follow strict industry norms and offer a complete range at industry-leading prices.

We deliver nothing short of the best and put our best efforts to obtain the goal. Our consistent efforts have gained our company recognition among the top-notch Water Distillation Unit Exporters and Suppliers in all countries except India. If you want to buy our products, just get in touch and share your specific requirements, our experts would be glad to serve you accordingly.

Why Choose Us

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Scientific Lab Instruments

Select Laboid International for your scientific lab instrument needs. Benefit from our commitment to innovation and reliability, ensuring top-tier solutions for global research and diagnostics. We excel as the premier choice for manufacturers and suppliers due to our unwavering dedication to uncompromising quality standards. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a diverse range of Scientific Lab Instruments. Also, experience unmatched accessibility in every instrument, empowering scientific endeavors worldwide.

Customer Experience Icon Rich Experience

Vast industry expertise ensures unparalleled insights and solutions.

Professional Team Icon Professional Team

skilled professionals, dedicated to deliver excellence in every instrument.

Best Material Icon Best Material

Utilize premium materials to ensures durability and superior performance.

International Standard Icon International Standard

Lab Instruments meet and exceed global quality benchmarks for reliability and precision.

Top 10 Blood Bank Instruments Exporters from India

Blood Collection Monitor
    • Type: Blood Collection Monitor
    • Certification: CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008
    • Application: Hospital Use, Hospital
    • Color: White
Blood Bag Tube Sealer
    • Type: Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Tube Sealing For Blood Bag
    • Certification: CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008 Certified
    • Application: Tube Sealing
    • Color: Light White, White
Blood Bag Tube Stripper
    • Type: Blood Bag Stripper, TUBE STRIPPER
    • Certification: Blood Bag Stripper, TUBE STRIPPER
    • Application: BLOOD BANK
    • Color: Silver
Manual Plasma Extractor
Blood Bank Scale
    • Material: Mild Steel & Ss
    • Accuracy: +- 1gm
    • Application: Blood Bank
    • Color: White
Blood Bank Refrigerator
    • Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
    • Type: Blood Bank Refrigerator
    • Certification: CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008
    • Application: Blood Bank
Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge
    • Type: Blood Bank Centrifuge
    • Certification: ISO 9001:2008
    • Application: Blood bank
    • Color: Blue, White
Plasma Freezer
    • Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
    • Type: Blood Bag Stripper, TUBE STRIPPER
    • Certification: CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008
    • Application: Blood Bank

Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers

Laboid International, a pioneering venture established in 2018, stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge laboratory equipment to diverse medical laboratories and research centres. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we, as one of the top-notch Laboratory instrument manufacturers, ensure that all its equipment is ISO and CE certified, guaranteeing the highest standards in precision and reliability. The unique aspect lies in our dedication to user relatability, and understanding the dynamic needs of laboratories worldwide. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology with user-friendly design we foster an environment where efficiency meets innovation.


Being popular as one of the best ABBE Refractometer and laboratory microscope manufacturers in India, we take pride in contributing to the nation's manufacturing prowess. We leverage the rich pool of talent and resources in India to produce laboratory equipment that meets international standards. Our products carry the mark of quality and innovation synonymous with the ISO and CE tags.


Mission: We are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery and healthcare by manufacturing and providing top-notch laboratory equipment tranging from Water Distillation Unit to the precise Liquid Handling with Micropipettes. Our mission is to empower researchers and medical professionals with innovative, reliable, and user-friendly solutions that contribute to the progress of science and improve global healthcare standards.


Vision: Our vision is to be a global leader in the laboratory equipment industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aspire to be the preferred choice for laboratories worldwide, setting new benchmarks for excellence in manufacturing, supply, and export of Compound Microscope, Spectrophotometers, Blood Bank Instruments, Dry Bath Incubators, and an array of Histopathology Instruments.


Values: We up holds values of integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity. We prioritize transparency in our manufacturing processes, strive for excellence in every Laboratory Instrument, and place the needs of our customers at the forefront of our operations. Our commitment to ethical business practices forms the foundation of our values.


Laboratory Centrifuges Suppliers & Exporters:

As one of the reliable Laboratory Centrifuges suppliers and exporters, we extend our reach to Honduras, Benin, Gambia, Brazil, Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Georgia, and Hungary, Jamaica.  We also ensure that our high-quality laboratory shakers & mixers reach laboratories and research centres across the globe. We facilitate the global exchange of scientific knowledge by delivering our lab equipment with efficiency, precision, and adherence to international standards.


Major Reasons To Choose Us:

  • Quality Assurance: We guarantee the highest standards in every product, with ISO and CE certifications ensuring precision and reliability.
  • Innovation: We continuously strive for technological advancements, providing state-of-the-art solutions that keep pace with the evolving needs of the scientific community.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each client.
  • Global Presence: With a strong manufacturing base in India and a widespread supply network, we cater to laboratories worldwide, contributing to global scientific advancements. Some of our major clients are from Colombia, Morocco, Guyana, Malta, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Jordan, Uganda, and beyond
  • Ethical Practices: We conduct business with integrity, transparency, and a sense of responsibility, building trust with our customers and partners alike. Choose us for a reliable and ethical partnership in your scientific endeavours.


Take the next step towards excellence and upscale your laboratory experience by enhancing your research capabilities, and contributing to the advancement of science. Every laboratory instrument signifies a bridge between excellence and scientific exploration. Contact us today to discover how we can be your trusted ally in achieving scientific excellence. Your success is our priority, and together, we can redefine the boundaries of possibility in the realm of laboratory equipment.

Quality Policy

Being a quality focused firm, we have installed all latest facilities for keeping the work environment and our product range within required quality premise. We follow industrial standards and policies to generate the most appreciable and valuable range of Glass Water Distillation Units, Binocular Microscopes, Student Monocular Microscopes, Coaxial Binocular Microscopes and Water Still Distillation Units.

We have experienced quality experts who ensure that each item is manufactured and tested as per set quality features and physical attributes, using the finest quality raw material.

  • Premium Export Quality
  • Premium Quality Products We Deliver
What Our Clients Say
Client Testimonials

Their products offer the perfect combination of innovation and excellence. We are happy with the end product that we have received.

Mr. Rohit Pathak
Client Testimonials

We are dealing with the company for years now and can only say that they have never failed to meet our expectations.

Mr. Vivek Tiwari
Client Testimonials

Recommend their name to everyone who wants only the best. Supportive team and exceptional product quality.

Mr. Pawan Tiwari

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your laboratory instruments certified for quality assurance?

Yes, all our lab instruments are rigorously tested and certified to meet ISO and CE standards, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability.

What type of customer support do you offer after purchasing your equipment?

We offer comprehensive support services for our customers, including technical assistance, maintenance, and troubleshooting, to ensure optimal performance and longevity of our products.

How can I place an order for your laboratory equipment?

You can easily place an order through our website. The online query form is available. In addition to this, you can also use the contact number and e-mail id available on the Contact Us Page.

Do you offer international shipping for your products?

Yes, we have a global distribution network that enables us to ship our laboratory equipment to customers worldwide, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Our major market cover includes Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Jamaica, Myanmar, Nigeria, Colombia, etc.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety of your laboratory equipment during shipping?

We employ robust packaging materials and techniques to safeguard our instruments against damage during transit, minimizing the risk of any mishaps.

Do you provide technical specifications and user manuals for your laboratory instruments?

Yes, detailed technical specifications and user manuals are provided with each instrument, offering comprehensive guidance on setup, operation, and maintenance.

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