Rotary Microtome

Rotary Microtome is a common device used in pathology for paraffin embedding. Paraffin is a method used in preparing tissue sections. At Laboid Internationals, we offer the latest technology in Rotary Microtomes which are very useful in cutting tissue samples and creating thin and unifirm sections for microscopic examination. Our instruments are a perfect choice for complex and delicate tissue samples and are widely used in the fields of histology, pathology, and scientific research.

Who Needs A Rotary Microtome?

Here are the essential tools in the following fields:

  • Histology: Preparation of thin tissue sections for microscopic examination and diagnosis of medical conditions.
  • Pathology: Analysis of disease-affected tissues to aid in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
  • Biological Research: Cutting-edge research in fields such as cell biology, developmental biology and neuroscience requires high quality tissue sections.
  • Material Science: Sectioning of rigid materials such as polymers or metals for microstructural analysis.

Types of Rotary Microtome

Here are some common types of Microtome:

Reasons to Buy Our Product:

  • Ensure stability during operations
  • Comes with sharp metal, glasses and diamond blades
  • Come with a rotor to move the internal mechanism for the cutting applications
  • Better than manual Microtome and available in different specifications
  • Used for Microtome in which sections of tissues are cut into thin slices.
  • Has a very low maintenance need
  • Easy to use and have an endurable service life

Contact - Rotary Microtome Manufacturers in India

After knowing all the details about rotary microtomes, it is time to buy this amazing product from us. We are leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality lab equipment all around the world. 

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