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Laboid International takes pride in presenting our innovative Platelet Agitator, designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern blood component storage. As one of the reputable Platelet Agitator manufacturers, we ensure the highest quality and innovation in our products. Our Platelet Agitator Incubator crucial components in the field of blood banking, specifically tailored to maintain the viability of platelets during storage. Engineered with precision, the agitator provides a controlled environment, gently agitating platelet units to prevent clotting and maintain their therapeutic efficacy.

Best Platelet Agitator Manufacturers In India

The Laboid Platelet Agitator employs advanced technology to mimic the natural conditions of blood circulation, ensuring constant and gentle agitation. This dynamic movement prevents platelets from settling, clumping, or becoming inactive, thus preserving their quality and functionality over extended storage periods. Meeting the international quality standards, we are renowned as one of the trusted Platelet Agitator Manufacturers in India.

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Usability of Our Platelet Agitator:

  • Blood Banks: Ideal for large-scale blood banks, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality platelets for medical treatments.
  • Hospitals and Clinics: Provides a reliable solution for healthcare facilities to store platelets for various transfusion requirements.
  • Research Institutions: Supports medical research by maintaining the integrity of platelet samples.


  • Prolongs Viability: Our products extend the shelf life of platelets by preventing clumping and maintaining therapeutic efficacy.
  • Precision Control: Ensures precise and gentle agitation, preventing platelet settling and guaranteeing uniform distribution for optimal storage conditions.
  • Enhances Transfusion Success: The agitator's consistent motion safeguards platelet quality, leading to increased transfusion success rates in healthcare settings.
  • Compliance with Standards: Our equipment meets and exceeds international quality standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with regulatory requirements.Top of Form

Platelet Agitator Exporters from India

Rigorous testing and adherence to international standards ensure top-notch product quality. Our Platelet Agitator incorporates the latest advancements in technology, enhancing its efficiency and reliability. Explore our wide range of instruments such as Plasma Freezer, blood bank scale, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Doctor Centrifuge, ABBE Refractometer and many more.  As one of the best Platelet Agitator Exporters, our market presence extends to Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Philippines, Kenya, Algeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon, Mauritius, and beyond, making our products accessible worldwide. For inquiries and orders, contact us today and experience the excellence. Trust us to be your reliable partner in advancing healthcare globally.

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