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Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge Manufacturers In India

Laboid International is counted as one of the major Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge manufacturers in India. The Centrifuge Machine is designed for a wide range of laboratory tasks, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. It is a crucial tool for various scientific and research applications. Features like heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating makes it highly durable and resistant to rigorous lab applications. 

The Universal Centrifuge Machine also features stainless steel centrifugal bowl that benefits with extra protection and easy cleaning option. The apparatus is also fitted with well-balanced universal motor with carbon brushes. Moreover, our Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine is a perfect match to the international quality standards when it comes to quality, accuracy and designing.

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  • Biological Research: Ideal for separating biological components such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells, ensuring accurate and reliable results for researchers.

  • Clinical Diagnostics: Facilitates the separation of blood components, aiding in diagnostic procedures and ensuring precise analysis in clinical laboratories.

  • Pharmaceutical Development: Crucial in drug discovery and development processes, ensuring efficient separation and isolation of substances for pharmaceutical researchers.

Major Features:

  • Precision Cooling: Our Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge ensures precise temperature control, safeguarding sensitive samples during high-speed centrifugation.

  • Versatile Rotor Options: Tailor your experiments with a range of rotor choices, accommodating various tube sizes and accommodating diverse research needs.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Experience seamless operation with an easy-to-use interface, providing quick access to settings and enhancing overall user efficiency.

  • High-Speed Performance: With a robust motor, our centrifuge delivers high-speed spins, enabling rapid sample separation for time-sensitive experiments.

  • Safety Features: Built-in safety measures, including imbalance detection and automatic lid lock, guarantee a secure working environment, prioritizing user well-being.

Bench Top Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine Suppliers And Exporters

Our centrifuge incorporates the latest technological advancements, ensuring unparalleled performance and accuracy. These devices are also built with durability in mind, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results, contributing to the success of your laboratory processes. Moreover, as one of the reliable Bench Top Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine suppliers and exporters, we cater to a vast market, covering countries like Malta, Honduras, Mauritius, Bahrain, France, Mongolia, Italy, Senegal, Kuwait, Panama, Oman, and beyond. Our commitment to quality knows no borders.

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