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The Blood Bank Instruments, offered by Laboid International, include advanced refrigeration units, centrifuges, agitators, and more. These products are very useful for blood-safe storage. 20°C to 60°C blood storage temperature . range, and the blood is thawed before transfusion. Being one of the foremost blood bank instrument manufacturers, we offer blood analyzer machines that are all meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of modern blood banking. These instruments play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of blood components in the blood bank, from collection to storage and distribution.

Why is our Blood Bank Equipment So Widely Demanded?

Our Blood Bank Equipment incorporates modern technology to ensure precision and consistency in their respective operations. The refrigeration units maintain optimal temperatures, safeguarding the quality of blood products. Centrifuges facilitate efficient separation of blood components, while agitators ensure gentle mixing without compromising the integrity of the samples.

Modern Blood Bank Instruments Suppliers from India

Our machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible for healthcare professionals with varying levels of expertise. Intuitive controls, coupled with robust safety features, guarantee a seamless and secure blood banking experience. Our commitment to usability enhances workflow efficiency, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and patients. Thus, we are enlisted as one of the top blood bank instrument suppliers in Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal, Palestine, Niger, Ethiopia, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Panama, Brunei, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, and Mali.


  • Precision Temperature Control: Our equipment ensures optimal refrigeration, maintaining precise temperatures for the safe storage of blood components.

  • Efficient Centrifugation: Our instruments feature advanced centrifuges, enabling quick and effective separation of blood components, ensuring purity and reliability.

  • Gentle Agitation Mechanism: The agitators in our instruments ensure gentle yet thorough mixing of blood samples, preserving their integrity without compromising quality.

  • User-Friendly Interface: We prioritize usability, providing a user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals, facilitating seamless operation, and minimizing the learning curve.

  • Robust Safety Features: Our instruments are equipped with robust safety mechanisms, guaranteeing secure handling and storage of blood products and reinforcing confidence in the overall blood banking process.

Why choose Laboid International?

  • Quality Assurance: As a manufacturing company, we prioritize the highest quality standards in our products, ensuring reliability and longevity.

  • Global Reach: We proudly serve markets in Serbia, Peru, Bulgaria, Syria, Guyana, Papua New Guinea, and beyond, contributing to global healthcare advancements.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our blood analyzer machines offer comprehensive solutions for diverse blood banking needs, making us a one-stop destination for healthcare institutions worldwide.

Blood Bank Instruments for Safe Storage

Catering to the needs of domestic as well as international buyers, we have acquired a notable position among the reliable blood bank instrument exporters. We have established a strong foothold in the markets of Rwanda, Togo, Guinea, Madagascar, Zambia, Oman, Madagascar, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Angola, Cuba, Yemen, Sudan, the Philippines, Ghana, etc. Reasonable prices and timely delivery are also the factors that have made us the most popular choice in the market.

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