Compound Microscope

The Laboid Compound Microscope is a powerful tool that magnifies objects using multiple lenses. Our product has an objective lens that magnifies the image and an eyepiece lens that further magnifies it. Together, they create high magnification levels like 40x, 100x, 400x, and 1000x. With the help of multiple lenses, our Laboratory Microscope makes small things look much bigger and focuses light on the sample. We are the most trusted compound microscope manufacturers in India and offer top-notch lab scope globally.

Compound Microscope Benefits:

  • Research Excellence: Researchers rely on our Compound Microscopes for their advanced optics and ergonomic design. Achieve breakthroughs in biology, medicine, and other scientific fields with the precision and clarity offered by our microscopes.

  • Educational Enhancement: In academic settings, our microscopes empower students to explore the microscopic world with clarity. From biology classrooms to advanced research labs, Laboid's microscopes enhance the learning experience.

  • Laboratory Precision: Laboratories demand accuracy, and our Compound Microscopes deliver exactly that. Whether it's in medical diagnostics, quality control, or forensic analysis, we ensure your results are reliable and precise.

Compound Microscope Parts And Functions:

  • Eyepiece (Ocular Lens): The lens you look through to observe the specimen.

  • Objective Lenses: Multiple lenses with different magnification levels, typically ranging from low to high power.

  • Stage: The platform where the specimen is placed for observation.

  • Condenser: Focuses light onto the specimen for enhanced clarity.

  • Illuminator: The light source, often located beneath the stage.

  • Diaphragm: Regulates the amount of light passing through the specimen.

  • Coarse and Fine Adjustment Knobs: Used to focus the image by adjusting the distance between the lenses.

  • Arm: Supports the microscope and connects the head to the base.

  • Base: The bottom part of the microscope that provides stability.

  • Revolving Nosepiece: Holds and allows rotation of the objective lenses for different magnification options.

Types of Laboratory Microscope We Offer

Reasons To Choose Us:

  • Unmatched Quality: Our microscopes are crafted with precision, using cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality optics and durability.

  • Global Reach: We proudly serve markets worldwide. As trusted exporters, our reach extends to Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Argentina, Morocco, Brunei, Peru, Fiji, Bulgaria, Austria, and more. Join our global network of satisfied customers.

  • Reliability and Trust: We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing reliable and trusted solutions for all your microscopy requirements.

Compound Microscopes Suppliers And Exporters From India

Adopting ethical business practices, we have redefined precision and reliability. Catering to the varied needs of the buyers, we are renowned as one of the top Compound Microscopes suppliers and exporters from India. We have also ascertained utmost customers’ satisfaction by delivering microscopes at reasonable prices and timely within the said timeframe. Join our global community of satisfied customers and elevate your scientific endeavors with our cutting-edge technology.

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